Caroling for Comics

Here in Ukraine, it is common for children to go door to door and sing Christmas carols. This year, we had a couple of kids come to our door to sing, and after giving them the customary couple of grevenas (the equivalent of a few cents) we decided to offer them a copy of Good and Evil Short. Unfortunately, we only had one copy at the house on that day. (We store the bulk of our literature at our ministry center.) So we gave them the one we had and told them that if they or their friends wanted more, they could come by again later.

The next day, guess who was at the door? One of the kids had already read his copy of Good and Evil Short and now the others wanted one. We showed them the full version of Good and Evil, and explained how they could mail in the form at the back of Good and Evil Short to receive a copy on the mail. Then we gave them all their own copies of Good and Evil Short and they went happily on their way.


The boys who came to carol at our house show off their new copies of Good and Evil.

The boys who came to carol at our house show off their new copies of Good and Evil.

We are very excited about the Good and Evil project in Ukrainian and are already seeing very positive responses to this powerful book. If you are interested in purchasing copies of Good and Evil in Ukrainian for friends, churches, missionaries, etc. please contact us for details. We can ship the books to any address in Ukraine or the US.

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