We’ve Got Video!

Yes, not to rush things by any means, but we’ve finally got a YouTube channel up and running. Actually, it’s ETO’s YouTube channel. We’ve got a fancy new video camera over here and we’re shooting lots of ministry video! So be sure to stop by the ETO channel and subscribe. Below are some samples of what you’ll find there…

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About Joshua Steele

My passion is leading people to Jesus Christ through the pages of Scripture. To that end, I have served as a missionary in Mexico, Hong Kong, Thailand, the United States, and currently Ukraine, where I have lived and ministered since 2001. In 2004, I married Kelsie, the girl of my dreams, and God has blessed us beyond measure with a precious family. Our five children Abigail, Rebekah, Hosanna, Kathryn, and David are the joy of our lives! Together, we live to glorify our Savior and proclaim His Word to those around us.

2 thoughts on “We’ve Got Video!

  1. Love the videos Josh! Thanks! I sure miss you guys and Ukraine. I was homesick watching the videos. The Lord is so Good using us right here in Warrenton, Mo. I dont know if you know it or not but we are currently ministering through Child Evangelism Fellowship. Its a great ministry that reaches thousands of kids world wide each year with the Gospel. The web site is cefonline.org. I remember helping out ETO a few times when we were there and I loved it! I would love to go back and help out some summer in the future. Do you all need any evangelism materials for children? CEF has some of the best out there. God bless you all in your continued service to the Lord there in Ukraine. I strongly believe in your ministry and you as a godly christian missionary. If someone wanted to financially support your family or ETO how would they go about doing it? God bless, we will be praying for ETO(Your family included) at family devotions. Keep up the great work!!

    • Hey Jack! Great to hear from you! Glad to hear you guys are doing well. We miss you here. If you ever want to come for a visit, we’d love to have you! Still have fond memories of tracting in Striy that time with you and Dan.

      As for the CEF materials, you might check with Denise Hutchison. (http://hutchison.euroteamoutreach.org/) She does a lot of VBS and other work with kids. In fact, I believe she’s coming back for a trip to the States soon.

      I really appreciate your encouragement and “vote of confidence” in our ministry. By God’s grace, we’re doing what we can to get the message of Christ to Ukrainians. As far as financial support goes, here’s how it works.

      Support for the Steele family can be sent to:
      Fairpark Baptist Church
      ATTN: Steele Family Ministry
      6000 Crowley Road
      Fort Worth, TX 76134

      Support for ETO can be sent to:
      Euro Team Outreach, Inc.
      16723 Britford
      Houston, TX 77084

      Checks for the Steele’s should be made out to Fairpark Baptist Church, and checks for ETO should be made out to Euro Team Outreach, Inc.

      Again, thanks for standing behind us and for your prayers. God bless!

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