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Recently, Kelsie and I were interviewed by an online magazine called Generation Impact, edited by Grace Williamson. The magazine is a ministry of the Williamson family, and their goal is to encourage homeschoolers to be lights for Christ. Here’s a brief excerpt from their web site:

“Our mission at Generation-Impact is to encourage these young people to stand strong in their convictions. We hope to uplift them by sharing the stories of other homeschool students and graduates who are striving to follow God’s call for their lives instead of the world’s. We hope to encourage those still in the process of homeschooling as well as those who have graduated and are wondering what to do next.”

In our interview, Kelsie and I answered several questions about homeschooling and ministry, including the following:

  • What was your homeschool experience like?
  • JOSHUA: Briefly describe your history in missions. How did you know God was calling you to the mission field?
  • KELSIE: What is the greatest challenge you’ve faced so far on the mission field?
  • KELSIE: What is your role in the mission field? How do you strive to be a helpmeet to Joshua as he ministers in Ukraine?
  • JOSHUA: What advice would you give young people who feel called to the mission field?

We encourage you to visit and to pray for their ministry. We are grateful to Grace and her family for the opportunity to share our experiences in their magazine.

Read the interview here >>

♥ Josh & Kelsie, 2011 ♥

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