by Joshua and Kelsie Steele

Meet Mia

This summer, on July 22, we welcomed Mia Faith into our family. Even after so many years raising kids, these little babies still bring immense joy to our hearts! I think my favorite season of “baby-hood” is when they begin to smile. Mia can stop the whole family in its tracks as everyone clambers for a peek at her darling expressions.

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Calm Before the Storm

Daniel Courter first visited us in Ukraine in 2007 along with his father Anthony and younger brother Aaron. He later went on to participate in both CMO 2009 and CMO 2010. This spring, on May 25th, I had the privilege of attending his wedding to Genesis Laubenthal. It was a beautiful ceremony, and Kelsie and I are excited to see how God will use Daniel and Genesis for His glory!

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Operation Library

Shortly after our return from America, one of the teachers in the Christian school at our church asked me speak to her class. She had heard about our visit to the Ark Encounter in Kentucky and wanted me to share our experience with the children. After I spoke, the kids would do a puppet show about Noah's Ark. The whole event was to take place at a local children's library in our neighborhood. I agreed to come and a date was set.

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A Chapter of Blessing

On December 14, 2018, amidst heavy snowfall, our plane finally touched down at the airport in L'viv. We were all exhausted and several of us were suffering from colds, but we were glad to be back home in Ukraine. God blessed our visit to America in...

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To the Ends of the Earth

Raphaël Villeneuve

EDITOR'S NOTE: Raphaël "Ralph" Villeneuve served with our team in L'viv during the summer of 2017. In the article below, he recounts in his own words how he learned to discern God's will and direction. If you haven't already, I encourage you to first "Meet Ralph", and then introduce him to your family. Our kids need examples of other young people who have wholly dedicated their lives to Christ.

Are you a Christian teen wondering where to head out in life, what God may want you to do? You want to find out, but you're not sure how. If so, then you're just like I was a few years ago. It may seem hard or mysterious, and you've probably heard someone say "God told me" or "God wants me to." How could they possibly know? To answer these questions, I'm simply going to tell you my story.

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Sharpening Arrows

There are days when I feel too exhausted to go on. Sometimes I think, “I have so many other ministries…maybe I'm stretching myself too thin with this kids' class?” Then my phone rings. A child's voice greets me from the other end of the line in the respectful Ukrainian “vy” form which makes me feel old. “Good day, Uncle Joshua! Do you have time for me to come over and recite my memory project?” And just like that, I'm back in the game.

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Two Robes

"Wow, I've never heard anyone teach that before!" That is the response I often receive from Ukrainians when I have the opportunity to explain the concept of righteousness imputed by faith — the idea that Jesus' perfect righteousness completely replaces my own and becomes the basis of my justification before God. (Romans 3:21–22, 4:4–5; Philippians 3:9)

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Coming To America!

When last we departed America, Kathryn was only a few weeks old. She recently turned 3! Meanwhile, David has cleared the one-year mark, and he's never been out of L'viv! Yep — it's been a while, and we're ready to see some friends and family face-to-face.

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